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the book of Chris

a work in progress

Chris N-M
7 August 1979
Married since October of 2003. Have a lovely house on the western side of Madison, lived here since Mayish of 2006. Currently a second degree black belt, teaching on occaision. General manager of Cosi, a highish end counter service restaurant in Middleton. Job is fun, wife is wonderful, teaching is great, yadda yadda. Love and peace!
acting, actors, actresses, alternative, anime, aragorn, barenaked ladies, battlestar galactica, bender, bruce lee, buddhism, cake, choice, chris benoit, christianity, comedy, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, creative writing, culture, daily show, dancing, ddr, debate, democracy, democrats, directors, dragonlance, dvds, dynasty warriors, evanescence, fantasy, fight club, fighting, final fantasy, firefly, food, foreplay, fox trot, frank cho, freedom, friends, futurama, gamecube, gandalf, geeks, girly, government, harry potter, hermione, i-pod, ian mckellan, jackie chan, japanese, jayne, jet li, jon stewart, josh lesnick, joss whedon, karaoke revolution, karate, katana, kim possible, kung fu, kurt angle, larp, leela, liberty meadows, lord of the rings, love, magic, martial arts, massage, medieval, metallica, mick foley, monk, movies, music, nintendo, nothing else matters, nunchucks, outlaw star, paganism, paul heyman, penny arcade, peter jackson, philosophy, playstation 2, politics, princess bride, psychology, pvp, raistlin, ranma 1/2, rebel's eye, republicans, rock, role playing, ron stoppable, rowling, science fiction, scott kurtz, serenity, sex, shepherd book, simpsons, snape, sociology, spiderman, spike, staff, star wars, sub-rosa, submission, sword of truth, swords, tae kwon do, tai chi, tasslehoff, television, tenchi, tenchi muyo, terry goodkind, theology, thrawn, thrown, timothy zahn, tolkien, travel, trigun, undertaker, useless trivia, vash, vgcats, video games, weapons, webcomics, wife, wrestling, writing, wwe, zedd